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LinkedIn Cheat Sheet

LinkedIn Quick Start Cheat Sheet   1.   Set Up Your Profile   □   Work experience □   Education □   Areas of specialization □   Your websites □   Interests and hobbies □   Awards □   Location □   Profile photo □   Check for keyword optimization □   Create a vanity url with your name   2.   Build Your Network   □   Send invitations via email addresses ... Read More »

Getting The Most Out Of LInkedIn With Paid Memberships

It’s free to create a basic LinkedIn account, but for a little bit of money, you can upgrade. The site offers premium memberships with many features that are only available when you pay. Depending on what you’re using the site for, these features can make life with LinkedIn much easier and more effective. What You Get with a Paid Membership ... Read More »

How To Create An Effective LinkedIn Company Page

How to Create an Effective LinkedIn Company Page In 2011, LinkedIn introduced company pages. There are now literally millions of businesses using them. They use company pages to find new employees, spread company news, form strategic alliances and brand their businesses. Small businesses can benefit from creating company pages just like large companies. Why Company Pages Are Important Your LinkedIn ... Read More »

LinkedIn Recommendations

LinkedIn Recommendations are testimonials from other users that attest to your professional abilities. They tell others that you’re a person worth knowing. On LinkedIn, reputation means everything and recommendations contribute in a big way. Everyone on LinkedIn is looking for quality employees, employers, freelancers, and clients, and recommendations are how you set yourself apart from the crowd. Why You Need ... Read More »

How To Set Up Your Own LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Groups are gatherings of professionals and like-minded people based around a common industry or interest. They give you an opportunity to interact, network and find leads. You can use them to find people who are influential on the site so that you can follow them and grow your network. LinkedIn allows you not only to join but to create ... Read More »